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  • DURMA HD-TC laser machine is a “high speed” cutting loom which is used for the purpose of cutting tubes and section materials.
  • Loading and unloading processes for materials are performed automatically.
  • Mobile axes operate via dynamic and high performance AC servo motors which do not require maintenance.
  • Fundamental operational principle of the automatic loading system, measures materials one by one, which were loaded in bundles, then moves them to the cutting line.
  • While the cutting still goes on within the machine, next material gets ready for loading on the cutting line.
  • Vacuum system absorbs the dust emerging during the process of laser cutting around the cutting section and inside the profile and it sends the particles to dust collecting filter.
  • Capacity: Ø20-170 mm; 20x20-120x120mm , 25x20-150x100mm
  • Max. wall thickness 0,5 mm-10 mm in accordance with material type and resonator power.
  • For parts smaller than dimensions listed above manual loading is possible.

Delovi po izboru

  • 2 or 3 kW IPG laser source
  • Unloading table 4, 6, 8 m
  • Auto loading unit
  • Conveyor unloading system
  • Compact dust extractor

Osnovna oprema

  • Control Unit Siemens SINUMERIK 840D
  • Air conditon for electrical panel
  • Auto Focusing Precitec Procutter cutting head F150 focus
  • Manual Unloading Table
  • Manual Loading
  • Positioning laser diode
  • Central lubrication
  • Simple user interface parameter page (Power-speed-pressure)
  • Lantek Cad / Cam program with automatic nesting feature
  • Ilumination for working area
  • Warning Lamp

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Durma HD-TC 60170 - BEMUTATÓ GÉP - Laser za sec. cevi

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HD-TC 60170 fiber laser za sečenje cevi
Kapacitet sečenja: Ø20-170 mm. Maksimalna debljina zida od 0,5mm do 10mm. Laserski izvor IPG 2000W, Lantek softver, +sistem za istovar dužine 4m, + sistem automatskom utovara dužine 6m, + glava za sečenje pod uglom +/- 45, sistem zaštita od prskanja (spatter protection system), + detektor ispupčenja I ulegnuća (seam detection)
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