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PL-C típus PL-C típus
  • The PL-C (compact) Series unitized frame concept, and the PL series which utilizes system where the table is independent of the two guide rails which are floor mounted.
  • Dual precision rack/pinion guiding for both the Y1, Y2 axis and the gantry (X axis), which houses the cutting torch. The heavy duty machine frame is welded and stress relieved. A synchronized dual side backlash free drive system with high accuracy planetary gears provides for high quality and accurate cutting. The tables are partitioned and zoned for efficient removal of dust. Manual and programmable beveling and oxyfuel cutting heads are several op- tional features that are available.

Néhány rendelhető tartozék

  • Table for PL series Hypertherm Plasma source Automatic gas consol Manuel gas consol
  • Filter
  • Plasma Torch brake away system
  • Additional Oxy-fuel Torch (Oxy -fuel torch, Oxy torch high control, Oxy torch high sensor) (max. 2 oxy torch)
  • Bridge preparation for additional torch (plazma or oxy) Manuel torch tilting system ± 45°
  • CNC controlled torch tilting system ± 45°
  • 3D Cutting & Rotator
  • Safety light barrier
  • Fault and Program end signal lamp
  • Air dryer
  • Arcglide THC Torch Height Control ( instead of Command THC) Drilling Spindle
  • Loading & Unloading systems Special applications Consumables


  • Siemens 840 D-ISL CNC control Unit Solid & CNC machined steel frames
  • Robust bridge
  • CAD CAM Software with Auto nesting
  • Cutting plate alignment function with Laser diode
  • Plasma ignition console
  • Command Torch High Control (THC)
  • Two side motion control system (low backlash reducers + rack / pinion) AC Digital Servomotors on axes
  • Marking system
  • Spare parts ,consumables starting kit High mechanical accuracy to +- 0,1 mm Axis positioning speed 35 m/min.
  • Torch height control travel with ballscrew on dual linear guides
  • Independent cutting tables
  • Speed control device
  • Table incl PL-C series
  • Remote diagnostics via Ethernet Rack&Pinion with linear guide ( PL-C Series) Thick slats on table
  • Tables suitable for right suction
  • Web cam for service

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Durma PL-C 2080, 300A, OXY - Plazmavágó

Listaár (nettó): 216 860 €
PL-C 2080, 300A, OXY


PL-C típusú plazmavágó
Szűrő: PL-6000 - 7,5 kW, CORE típusú automata gázadagoló, Durma vezérlés, Hypertherm XPR 300 plazmaforrás, porleválasztó szűrő, Metalix fáklyamagasság-állítás, CORE fáklyarendszer+ autom. gáz adagoló, mágneses fáklyaütközés elleni védelem, kézi gyökölőfej, 1-es fúróegység
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Durma PL-C 2060, 170A, OXY - Plazmavágó

Ár kérésre
PL-C 2060, 170A, OXY


PL-C típusú plazmavágó
Szűrő: PL-6000 - 7,5 kW, CORE típusú automata gázadagoló, Durma vezérlés, Hypertherm XPR 170 plazmaforrás, Metalix fáklyamagasság-állítás, kiegészítő OXY fej (lángvágó) – parkolópályára helyezhető, CE minősítés
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